Engineered Highly Ordered Protein-based Hydrogels for 3D Tissue Engineering

2016-06-28 14:51:00
报告题目:Engineered Highly Ordered Protein-basedHydrogels for 3D Tissue Engineering
报告时间:2016.06.29 (周三),10:30-11:30  
报告人:Lee Bae Hoon
Hydrogels arehydrophilic polymer networks that are widely utilized across tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. An emerging concept is the three-dimensional microfabrication of hydrogels towards engineering tailor-made biological substitutes, e.g., artificial organs. Natural proteins such as gelatin are anideal choice to form hydrogels due to their high abundance, low cost, and excellent biocompatibility. However, gelatin hydrogel networks are mechanically weak and it is necessary to derivatize gelatin with a photo-polymerizable functional group such as methacrylamide (MA) in order to form stiffer hydrogels. Current reaction methods to produce gelatin-MA require high concentrations of the precursor agent and conversion yield from gelatin togelatin-MA is relatively low. In this talk, I will present a robust, one-stepmethod to controllably produce highly substituted gelatin-MA with a nearly 100% degree of substitution and a microfabrication method of gelatin-MA hydrogelswith a highly organized inverse opal structure. Gelatin-MA hydrogels with intricate microarchitectures are taking advantage of colloidal templating and 3D printing strategies. Looking forward, the hydrogel design strategies outlined in this talk can be readily adapted to other classes of protein-based hydrogels and hold great potential for tissue engineering applications.

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