SARS-CoV2 electrostatics

2020-12-03 10:06:00
报告题目:SARS-CoV2 electrostatics
报告时间:2020年12月4日 下午2:30
报告人:Rudolf Podgornik 教授 中国科学院大学

Rudolf Podgornik教授:中国科学院大学物理科学学院特聘教授,是世界上软物质和生命物质研究领域的著名科学家、是该领域理论方面的领军人物之一,曾在世界多所名校担任职位。他在聚电解质的静电作用、大分子之间的van der Waals力和Casimir效应研究、DNA和病毒的物理问题研究等方面做过许多开创性工作。

报告摘要:While almost any kind of face mask offers some protection against particles and pathogens of different sizes, the most efficient ones make use of a layered structure where one or more layers are electrically charged.  This electret layer is essential to efficient filtration of difficult-to-capture small particles, yet the exact nature of electrostatic capture with respect to both the charge on the particles and the electret fibres as well as their immediate environment remains unclear.  I will discuss the electrostatic interaction between the surface of a single charged electret fibre and a model of SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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