Forces between Colloids

2020-06-29 11:35:00
报告题目:Forces between Colloids 
报 告 人:濑户亮平 SETO Ryohei 研究员

Abstract: Colloids are nanometer or micrometer-sized solid particles. When we put them in a liquid, the mixture behaves like a bizarre type of complex fluid. Forces acting among colloids are vital ingredients to determine the rheological properties of such a fluid. Do you know which kind of forces they are? Since colloidal particles are much larger than atoms and electrons, the answer should be simple… This is not true. At least, researchers have repeated trials and errors to identify them for many decades. My recent works are all about colloidal dynamics modeling, where I needed to know the forces. In this talk, I will explain various models that I have tried to explain the rheology of colloidal suspensions and gels. The most recent outcome of my research activities is identifying the role of rolling friction in dense suspension rheology [1]. When quickly stirred, particles are brought to mechanical contact. These contacts restrict individual particle rolling, and instead, groups of particles must move collectively, thereby preventing the buckling of chain-like structures in suspensions. It appears as a rapid rise in viscosity, sometimes causing the material to solidify altogether.

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