Studying the red blood cell membrane and graphene by the unified method

2016-04-29 14:35:00
报告题目:Studying the red blood cell membrane and graphene by the unified method
报告时间:2016年4月29日 上午10:30
报告人简介:中科院理论物理博士,导师为著名生物物理学家欧阳钟灿院士。现为中科院理论物理所访问学者,主要从事纳米印刷技术、2D纳米材料、生物膜及软物质等方面的理论研究。曾先后在中科院理论物理所和麻省理工学院化学系曹建树组做博士后,并曾在美国纽约州立大学奥尔巴尼分校纳米科学与技术学院、弗吉尼亚理工大学生物科学系邢建华组、麻省理工大学电子工程和计算机系Prof. M. S. Dresselhaus组和布朗大学物理系唐建新组做过访问学者。
The observation of the morphological transition of the human red blood cell from discoid shape to the spherical one ususally signals certain fatal human diseases. We study the relationshop between RBCs' equilibrium shapes and their mechanical properties, and proposed a geometric approach to describe the morphological transiton by a phase diagram. Graphene is the thinnest material in the world with only one-atomic-layer thickness. We apply the geometric methods developed originally in the study of biological membranes to the new research on structural deformations, electromechanical coupling, and Raman spectroscopy of the graphene. Our work draws a fruitful parallel between an extensively studied biological system and a new type of condensed matter material.

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