Topic:From Fluorescent Probes to Phototherapy

Time:May 9th (Monday) at 10:00 AM

Location:Tencent Conference 352990128

Speaker:Prof. Dr. Juyoung Yoon

Inviter:Prof. Jianliang Shen

Profile:Prof. Dr. Juyoung Yoon, Member of Korea Academy of Science and Technology. 
Current Affiliation:Department of Chemistry and Nano Science Ewha Womans University
Occupation:Professor of Chemistry and Nano Science at Ewha Womans University. 
Educational Background:
1983-1987  B.Sc., Seoul National University (Applied Chemistry)
1990-1994  Ph.D.,  The Ohio State University (Organic Chemistry)
Main Research Interests:
Investigations of fluorescent probes, molecular recognition, activatable photosensitizers, new organic functional materials and theranostics.
Research Accomplishment:
Total SCI publications: 420; Total citation number: 50,600; H-index: 115 (Google scholar).  He was listed as highly cited researcher in chemistry of 2014-2021.

Abstract:Fluorescence imaging has proven its crucial advantage, visualization of important biological processes or species in real time with high spatial resolution, over other methods. Various attempts to fluorescent probes for an analyte of interest developed in our group during last decade will be briefly presented. On the other hand, activatable photosensitizers are a new, switchable smart photosensitizer that can enhance photodynamic therapy specificity and efficiency. Our recent design strategies on newly-developed molecular activatable photosensitizers and heavy-atom-free photosensitizers for phototherapy will be explained.

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